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The lure of flying a helicopter for a living; its the ultimate office with a view. If you’ve found this page then you may be one of the few who are bold enough to pursue the career of their dreams and to really live. The career options for helicopter pilots seem to be limited only by the imagination, and all are wonderfully exciting. Here are just a few of the jobs helicopter pilots do:


Air ambulance (emergency medical service)

Off-shore oil rig transportation and support


Real Estate sales


Fire Fighting

Law enforcement

Wildlife management and capture


Executive transport

Pipe line patrol

Border Patrol



Livestock Mustering




Becoming a professional helicopter pilot isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone, but it may very well be the most rewarding thing you ever do. As with any other career there are obstacles between completing the required education and having enough experience to actually find a career in your field. In the helicopter world, this experience gap is the end of many budding careers.


The Professional Pilot Program at Sevier County Choppers closes the experience gap. You will complete the training program in 6 months then begin working here as an instructor and tour pilot. If you choose to complete the Bell Turbine Helicopter Training Course you will have an opportunity to fly a turbine helicopter as a tour pilot. This allows you to build enough flight hours with turbine experience to be hired into a career position with employers across the country.


Because we do guarantee our graduates a job upon completion of the course, we have a limited number of slots available. Generally, we offer 3 - 4 training slots per year with one class starting in April and another in October. If you think you may want to pursue this path, please contact us so you have a chance to reserve the earliest slot available.




According to a 4 year college education costs anywhere between $46,320 to $181,480 and often takes 5 or more years to complete. A college education has generally been accepted as being essential to creating a long and rewarding career so this is an acceptable cost for most people. Upon completion of their degree, many graduates still can’t find work in their field and must spend years bridging the experience gap between receiving their diploma and getting established in a meaningful career.


The training portion of the Professional Pilot Program is completed in 6 months and most of our graduates have enough flight time to be competitive for a career level position in the helicopter industry within 24 - 30 months of earning their final rating. This means that only 2½ - 3 years after beginning the program, most of our students are established in long-term careers.


While enrolled in the course, students will receive:


About 155 hours of flight time in an R-22, and at least 45 hours in an R-44


Private Pilot Certificate - Helicopter


Instrument Rating - Helicopter


Commercial Pilot Certificate Helicopter


Certified Flight Instructor Helicopter


Certified Flight Instructor Instrument - Helicopter


The total cost also includes examiner fees, books, software, and a headset. These are paid directly by the student and can vary based on individual preferences.

The average total cost for the program is $75,000 $80,000. The Bell Turbine Helicopter Training Course is an additional $16,700 as of this writing (we have no control over this cost).

Graduates of our Professional Pilot Program are able to build the flight hours they need to establish themselves in long-term careers as professional pilots.

We like to see our graduates succeed in establishing their careers. We are proud to offer a guaranteed path for them to get the experience they need to move quickly from the training environment to a fulfilling and sustainable career.

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