Helicopter Training


About our flight school:



Sevier County Choppers has a small FAR Part 61 flight school that was founded on one simple principal; to help people pursue their passion for flying. 


We offer very competitive rates, a relaxed environment and deliberately keep our operation small. Staying small helps us make sure you get exactly what you need out of the flight training you receive at Sevier County Choppers.


Our primary business is as a Robinson Helicopter Service Center and we believe we have the best maintainers in the country. This is a great arrangement for our flight school as there is very little down time when our training helicopters need their regular service and inspections. Our instructors are able to tap into the vast knowledge of our maintainers, enhancing the instruction you receive.


The pilots and pilots-to-be in our program receive one-on-one training that is tailored to the type of flying they plan to do. From our full-blown Professional Pilot Program to one-time discovery flights, we will work with you to provide the training you need. 


Our passion for people and helicopters led to the development of our Professional Pilot Program. This is the crown jewel of our flight school. Students in this program earn all certificates and ratings to become Certified Flight Instructors with Instrument rating (CFII) in 6 months. Following completion of training our career students are guaranteed a job where they can fly enough hours to begin a rewarding career as a helicopter pilot. Click here to learn more.


Call us to discuss training needs! 865-453-5867

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